Kelato EndurowraP Cohesive Bandage Assorted Basics

Kelato EndurowraP Cohesive Bandage Assorted Basics

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EnduroWRAP is a flexible cohesive bandage that can be used on any part of your horses body. Its elastic soft cotton and non-woven fibres ensure that the product is very soft and therefore very comfortable over the skin. EnduroWRAP has excellent tensile strength and elasticity. Each product is individually wrapped to maintain adequate cleanliness and hygiene.

EnduroWRAP is resistant to sweat and water, while remaining breathable to provide added comfort for your horse. Sticky residues no longer cause a problem with quick and easy removal of the product by hand. This reduces the risk of being hurt or kicked during the removal process.

Simply wrap EnduroWRAP around the desired part of the body. It has excellent cohesive properties and is self-adhering on skin or fur. This ensures that no clips or fasteners are needed for use. The cotton composition allows the unique characteristic of being easily and evenly torn by hand.

Features and BenefitsStrong, non-slip bandage for protecting the legs


Easily torn by hand  no scissors required

Conforms to difficult areas on any animal

Adheres to itself, not the hairLightweight, cool, comfortable, resistant to sweat and water

Individually wrapped for hygiene purposes

EnduroWRAP�is made from high strength, elastic, soft cotton and non-woven fibres.