Equinade Liquid Leather Soap 500ml

Equinade Liquid Leather Soap 500ml

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Cleans, preserves and conditions. Suitable for the finest leather. Cleaning agents remove sweat, grime and dirt whilst the lanolin and waxes preserve leather.

Equinade Liquid Leather Soap cares for your leather and YOU...saves time!

With one application, leather is:
1. Cleaned 2. Preserved 3. Conditioned

  • Contains a carefully selected blend of premium waxes and oils
  • Suitable for use on the finest of leather
  • Cleans away sweat, grime and dirt with ease
  • Preserves leather goods to ensure a long, useful life
  • Comes in a convenient 500ml pump pack
  • Suitable for saddles, bridles, harness, luggage, boots, belts, upholstery, car interiors and all fine leather products