EPro Premium Glow Shampoo 1L

EPro Premium Glow Shampoo 1L

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Is a plant based Equine Shampoo.

Premium quality with exclusive 'amino-syne' cationic amino acid technolghy ensures ultimate gentleness and coat conditiong properties.

Gives your horse a glowing health coat, without stripping natural oils. 

  • Contains Essential Oils - Tangernine, Gingseng and Rosemary, designed to revitalise and strengthen coats
  • Pro vitamin B5 adds shine and vitality to your horses coat, mane and tail
  • Amino syne positively charged amino acide technology strengthens the structural integrity of the hair
  • Fresh tangerine based fragrance
  • Low irritancy for sensitive skinned horses and pets
  • Contains optical colourants that intensifies coat colour.